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1.  All boats must meet State of Illinois and U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations.

2.  All contestants must wear an approved P.F.D. and use safety kill switches, while the main engine is above idle speed.

3.  An aerated livewell or aerated cooler is required in all boats no stringers or baskets will be allowed.

4.  The boundaries for this tournament are from the Starved Rock Dam to the Henry Bridge.

5.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed during tournament hours! Automatic Disqualification !

6.  After launching, begin staging down river from Barto's landing. With boat number 1 just below the  lagoon entrance. The launch will be in numerical order. Hold the board up with your boat number up so that others know where to fall in line.

7. You must idle between the check boats with your number displayed or you will be disqualified. Boat numbers 1 - 50 must be back at 3:00 PM, boats 51 and above must be back at 3:20 PM

8.  Late is late you will be disqualified, you must be between the Spring Valley Boat Club opening and Barto's landing and off plane.

9.  The weigh-in will take place across the river at the Spring Valley Boat Club. A Boat with a orange cone will be staging boats into the weigh site please stage below the bridge and receive your instructions from the check-in / Zero boat. Pull up to the Gas Pump at the marina, have your fish in the weigh bag / basket and ready when you arrive. We will shuttle your partner across to Barto's. Please make sure your partner has keys for your vehicle before he/she leaves your boat. If you do not have any fish to weigh, head directly to Barto's landing and turn your boat number in.

10. Scoring will be by total weight. Fish must be a minimum of 14 inches in length to be legal. Walleye, Sauger and saugeye are allowed. A fish brought up to be weighed that is short will result in the loss of the biggest fish weight.

11. Five (5) fish will be the weigh-in limit.

12. Four (4) ounces will be deducted per each dead fish.

13. No Culling of dead fish is allowed

14. Check the tote board for a marker next to your name, this indicates that you have won a door prize.

15. Scales will open at 12:30PM.

16. The awards will be passed out at the boat club.

17. You must report back at your designated time so we know all boats are accounted for and everyone has safely returned.

18. The tournament officials' decision will be final regarding these rules.


Good Luck and Good Fishing

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